What People Say About Rome Pie Irons...

"We own 4 of your square pie irons.  Let me first say, they are the best!
We have tried others and we either end up throwing them out or giving
them away.  We use them for everything from frying eggs to frying english

By the way, we just bought 2 new irons and  I love the improvement of
a notch in the rod so the "S" clamp doesn't slide down to the iron!"
- Shelley

"I've never owned anything made of cast iron before. The first camping trip
with the new pie irons was great. My friends and I started out with simple
grilled cheese and progressed to pizza sandwiches. After some experiments
we decided there's nothing you can't make in a pie iron. These things are great!
I'm in love!

Something that might amuse you - one of my friends was going on and on about
how she could live happily the rest of her life with just pie irons, bread, and
stuff for filling. Someone suggested she would look cute with "pie iron" branded
on her forehead. I suggested the addition of "Rome Industries" on her cheek.
(Not the one on her face.) If she or any of my other friends decide to brand
themselves for life with a pie iron, I'll be sure to send pictures for your web site."
- Lisa

"We have used your round and square irons for many years now.
We have been 'forced' to purchase other brands a couple of times.
No comparison! The longest either of them have lasted was over
3 campfires. One of your irons has lasted more than 10 years!
So...I REALLY want to make this purchase a Rome Industries!"
- J
on D.

"We love your sandwich makers, I have used 1 set of Teflon makers
for almost 15 years. My father had a set at least 25 years ago. he
always called them "Hobo Pie Makers" - so that is what my extended
family still calls them today. Keep up the good work, I would rather
have 1 'Rome' pie iron than 5 of the cheap brands."
Chris H.

"We have had pie irons for almost 30 years and enjoyed so much.
We now have a home in Southern Indiana and build campfires alot
and out come the pie irons. We have a ball - - - Often we crank a
gallon or two of ice cream too. What a treat!!"
- Susie G.