Kebab Skewers
One of the oldest methods of cooking over an open fire. Rome manufactures a variety of skewers for veggies and meat in both stainless steel and chrome plated skewers.

#2027 Double Prong Stainless Kebab Skewers
An ideal kebab skewer for grilling meat as the double prong makes it easy to flip without any concern that the food will rotate with the skewer. Each skewer is formed and bent from a single piece of stainless steel for a simple and sophisticated design. A strong but thin steel gauge was specifically chosen to pierce small holes that help keep the meat juicy. Solid in 4 units per retail package. 15" overall length.

15" overall length each set
UPC 0-29794-20279-7
case pack 12 sets
#2028 Forged Stainless Steel Kebab Skewers
Grill kebabs in style with these beautiful handcrafted stainless steel skewers. 18" in length, each case pack of 12 contains 3 each of the 4 different forged ends. These exclusive designs from Rome are crafted in India where kebab grilling and iron work are centuries-old traditions.

18" overall length each
UPC 0-29794-20284-1 case pack 12 (3 ea of 4 designs)

#2029 Kebab Skewers (Set Of Six)
A set of six classic kebab skewers, each measuring 17.5" in length. Made from quality chrome plated steel.

17½" long
UPC 0-29794-20296-4 case pack 12 (sets of 6)

Rome's #2029 Kebab Skewers
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