Grill Baskets
When cooking fish and burgers on a grill it can be difficult to flip the food without tearing and flaking the fish or jabbing the meat. This oftentimes turns it from browned, yet juicy to a dry & overcooked mess. A grill basket allows the user a secure way to grill and flip food without the poking, lifting and grabbing. The various designs offered by Rome provide the appropriate wire nest for everything from veggies and chops to chicken and seafood.

Although great for the bbq grill, the long wired handles make our grill baskets ideal for firepits and campfires.

#63 Grill Basket
The tight fitting edges of this grill basket coupled with a small grid pattern makes it easier to cook your favorite foods without everything falling into the fire. Basket cooking depth is 1½" with 8" x 11" dimensions. Overall length is 29". Made from chrome plated wire.

8" x 11" basket, 1½" depth, 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
UPC 0-29794-98803-5.
case pack 12

Rome's #63 grill basket
#64 Hamburger Grill
Siz wire "ockets" for easily grilling burgers, chops & crab cakes.. anything that's about 1" thick. 9" X 13" basket, overall length 29". Made from chrome plated wire.

9" x 13" basket, 1" depth, 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
UPC 0-29794-64405-6.
case pack 6
Rome's #64 hamburger grill
#65 Outdoor Pizza Grill
Make wood-fired pizza over the campfire with Rome's Outdoor Pizza Gruill. Simply place pizza on the grill surface and cover completely with aluminum foil. The unique raised edges of the pizza grill holds the foil up above the surface of the pizza and creates an oven effect. Place over charcoal or campfire making sure the heat is even and steady. Cook until cheese is bubbly and crust is cooked. Works with frozen pizza, store bought or homeade crusts.
14" dia surface. 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
UPC 0-29794-65069-7 case pack 6
Rome's #65 Outdoor Pizza Grill
#66 Basket Broiler
Our most accommodating model, everything stays in this 2½" deep adjustable basket. Deep enough for chicken and steaks, yet the adjustable depth also holds hot dogs and hamburgers. Extremely heavy-duty chrome wire basket is 9½" x 12", with an overall length of 29

9½" x 13" basket, 2½" depth, 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
UPC 0-29794-66006-1.
case pack 6
Rome's #66 basket broiler
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