Stainless Steel Gazing Globes
Pedestals & Modern Reflective Garden Art


Silver Stainless Steel Gazing Globes
No More Shattered Glass!
Our staineless steel gazing globes serve as great reflective accent pieces in the garden.
The flashy stainless steel globes cast a contemporary reflection in the garden.

Rome globes are completely round and do not have a stem/throat like glass balls. While designed
as a garden accent, we've sold our globes to countless artists who have used them in their imaginative designs.
Store design stylists have also used them as retail props in high end clothing boutiques and chains.

Available in 5 sizes:
4" diameter, item #704-S

6" diameter, item #706-S

8" diameter, item #708-S

10" diameter, item #710-S

12" diameter, item #712-S

Rome Garden Lollipops
Our modern lollipops look great mixed in with plantings, poked into containers, in a vase on a mantel or even used as a modern plant support. 100% stainless steel, the globes are welded onto stems.
4 sizes
#715 Small Garden Lollipop (1.5" dia ball x 12.5" height)
#716 Medium Garden Lollipop (2" dia ball x 17.75" height)
#717 Large Garden Lollipop (3" dia ball x 22.50" height)
#718 XL Garden Lollipop (4" dia ball x 29" height)

#722 Stainless Steel Sphere
Create a modern focal point or interest in the garden with our stainless steel banded spere. Looks great placed in a tall, vertical container. 18" stainless steel made with bands of 1.5" wide stainless steel strips. Brightly polished and reflective.

Gazing Globes Pedestal Bases
We offer many pedestal options for gazing globes from wrought iron to cast iron to resin.
Please note that our bases are designed for our globes which do not have stems.
Regular glass globes from other vendors will not fit these bases.

Cast Iron Pedestal Bases
  #B26 Pillar Cast Iron Base
(24" ht x 8 " w)
cast iron w/antique painted finish

Cast iron stand designed for Rome sundials, armillary designs and 8" - 12" Rome globes. Will not work with glass globes.
Wrought Iron Pedestal Bases
~Sold Individually~
  #B14 Gazing Globe Pedestal Base
(24" ht.)
wrought iron w/black finish

24" tall pedestal with scrolling is perfect match with 10" & 12" diameter gazing globes. No assembly required.
  #B35 Tri-Pod Globe Pedestal
14" x 11" wide
wrought iron w/black powdercoat
Give your garden a futuristic pop with this 1950s style globe base. Designed only for Rome's 10" stainless steel gazing globe.
Wrought Iron Pedestal Bases
~ Sold In Sets Only ~
  #B11 Trio Globe Pedestal Set of 3
height of bases range from 8" - 10"
wrought iron w/black powdercoat

Sold as a set of 3 different sized pedestals. The smallest base fits either a 6" or 8", medium base fits either 8" or 10", large base fits either 10" or 12" globe.
  Gazing Globe Display Assortment

#E230 Gazing Globe Store Display
Contains the following
29 Stainless Steel Globes:
12 ea 8" #708-S globes
9 ea 10" #710-S globes
8 ea 12" #712-S globes
8 Gazing Globe Bases:
2 #B11 (set of 3)
2 #B14
1 Free Display Fixutre
Sturdy steel display has a footprint of 43" x 43". 87" tall

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